Welcome to the development page for You Gotta Feed the Wizards!
To download the current build (v.0.1), click here.

Changelog (v 0.1):

Reduced number of wizards on screen by three or four or something
Wizards take longer to rage
Made the food dropping algorithm a LOT friendlier in terms of what food it provides
The dreaded 2x2 Block of Death now explodes upon formation

Priorities for next version:

Get rid of health, it's not really adding anything
Option to mute the sound, oh God, mute it
Overhaul spell system so that your spells have a chance to auto-fire when you satisfy a wizard, instead of being cast
New range of spells that you always want to auto-fire
Wizard rage timers that indicate what spell they're going to cast and don't look like crap

Known issues: yes